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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Recently I had a conversation with a potential new client who was referred by a friend. That conversation gave me the opportunity to refer a colleague. Many of the conversations I have give me the opportunity to refer business. Many of my conversations begin because of a referral.

My new acquaintance, was looking for a great SEO guy.

I thought to myself, "I know a great SEO guy"-- and proceeded to tell my newly made contact, future client, great addition to my network-- all about my SEO guy.

I called my colleague, the best SEO guy I know, who I've worked with on many projects over the years, and said,"I'm sending a client to you."

We caught up and the next day, as promised, I did the e-intro and voila!, the referral and new connection was made.

I refer my former colleagues. I refer people I know and trust their work. I refer based on my personal experience and past client feedback. I refer and I refer often.

A business that comes from 100% referrals, is the best business.

If you want to know my SEO guy, just ask.

I continue to dive into my network--a network that is deep and wide--where mutually beneficial relationships are waiting to develop.

Spill the tea.

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