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Karen Childers is the person you want on your team. She has helped me in various capacities with my film production company. From social media help, website, fundraising, crowdfunding, and just plain old good advice, she was there. Always clear and straightforward, she was a godsend during stressful and pressured times. Consider yourself lucky if you work with her! I do!

Rebecca Foster, Director


Karen's focus set the bar and tone
for many that had the opportunity to work with her.

Karen and her team helped launch my business to the forefront. She is prompt, knows her craft well, and offers expert advice. She helped me develop and launch my brand, and created weekly and monthly strategies for continuous brand recognition. She is also easy to get along with, and has great communication skills.

Tina Discepola, MD

I've worked with Karen for over four years now - first working together at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Karen's consistently been an innovative, dedicated, and enthusiastic social media marketer. She always went above and beyond to do a quality job on her projects, and was always extremely passionate about the client companies that she worked with. Outside of her expertise in online marketing, she's an excellent collaborator and an independent leader (as evidenced by her entrepreneurial ways!).

Gary Spagnoli

There are countless opinions about the efficacy of social media in business and algorithms yet to be determined for true monetized values of online presence. But while we're all debating; Karen's boots-on-the-ground are trampling myths and misconceptions by providing useful content with realized gains. She doesn't just have a handle on the media but is helping to redefine and invent authentic ways of communicating with your tribe. One conversation or email with her and you'll be on your way to better online interaction with the world.

Philip Anthony Gornail

Karen created the Social Media Department from the ground up while at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is so passionate and dedicated in her work. While working with the Events Team to plan a conference for students & alumni, Karen was very vocal and proactive about beefing up the technology to generate more social media. It paid off and due to Karen's efforts, the conference was trending on Twitter! This was a huge accomplishment in the social media world and for the school. Any organization will be lucky to have Karen on their team.

Garvey Gong Paraiso

Karen is a hard-working, creative, and enthusiastic team member. We've worked together for some time in different capacities, most recently teaming up as partners at OutFirst Digital. I couldn't have chosen a better partner. Karen is an excellent ideas person, she's a creative thinker that excels in branding ideas. She is social media savvy, and up to date with the latest trends on Facebook and Twitter. Among her skills, creating content marketing is one of her most valued. She is a proficient editor and understands what a target user wants to read and needs to hear. I highly recommend Karen and hope that I can continue to work with her on many more projects!

Courtney Cruickshank

Amy Hess

Karen and I worked together on a variety of marketing and brand focused social media campaigns. During our time together at IIN, Karen proved to the most dedicated and devoted employee that I have ever met. At all times, Karen put her efforts towards what was best for the company and brand and ensured that the quality of her work was extremely high, despite working against tight deadlines and high pressured situations. Karen's focus set the bar and tone for many that had the opportunity to work with her. Karen also made herself a resource for many team members that wanted to learn more about social media trends and campaigns which helped boost performance across various marketing activities. As the original editor for the IIN blog and then Wellness Today as well as the creator of IIN's social networks and online communities, Karen defined and managed the voice of those properties which spoke effectively to prospective and existing students as well as to graduate audiences. Her clear drive and focus on the brand, and ways to leverage social media to further strengthen a community will make her an asset to any company that is considering working with Karen.



I'm happy to let my clients and peers do the talking.

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