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Illusion like.

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Let the cream rise to the top.

If you are worthy of praise, you will certainly receive it.

We are deep into the "shout your opinion from the rooftop" digital amplification of "my thoughts are important". If you have any of the following: exceptional product, service, personality, shirt, taste in food, vacation photos, family life, career, wardrobe, house, and so on, you will certainly receive a full on set of likes, shares, comments, aka, amplifications, beyond measure*. *Truthfully, you really won't be able to measure it. Ask anyone who the G.O.A.T. is in basketball, MC, DJ, guitar, singer, superhero, chef, actor, director, painter, and so on, you will get a variety of opinions, but not one definitive answer. It's immeasurable, but there is an enormous amount to agree on.

Not receiving the praise you think you deserve?

Check out a few things;

1) Is it easy for your fans to say so? Do they know where to tag or locate your profiles online? Or are you just not online?

2) Are you giving excellent praise worthy over-the-top service, or very close to it? Or are you mediocre, below-average, just getting by, in your approach to customer delight?

3) Do some competitor research. If they are saying nice things about your competition and not you, you need to know that.

Beware of smoke and mirrors

Company F, against logical recommendations, tasks front desk employees with writing positive reviews, online, to counter all the negative reviews. This is a really, really, bad strategy. A company that requires it's employees write nice things about them, as part of their job, to counteract the shocking truth about business practices and mode of operations– is pretty gross.

Don't be them. And if an employer ever asks you to write a review, always can never believe everything you read. But, you should read something.

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