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our commitments



Our mission is to fuel the global shift toward better health by providing unbiased, credible, cutting-edge wellness information and by empowering our community through thoughtful dialogue.


commitment to content

Offer a resource that is compelling, diverse, relevant, reliable, consistent, and trustworthy.


Provide value through insightful editorial commentary and informative selections.


Delight our community with essential information in a beautiful, simplified, easy-to-read format.


commitment to community

Gather thought leaders to discuss diverse points of view.


Engage lively, constructive, innovative, and solution-focused dialogue.


Inspire each other to live happier, healthier lives.


commitment to educate

Inform with the freshest feeds and editorial content.


Empower action through the vision of a healthier life.


Nurture self-discovery and personal growth.


commitment to integrity

Align with the mission-driven goal of a global shift to better health.


Remain objective and candid about affiliations.


Show the example of giving and encourage charity among others.  

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