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Social Media Guide



To define the Whoever voice on our social media profiles and create guidelines for tone, style and content.


The XX voice creates a connection and draws the person in. It makes them feel like they are part of a family of likeminded individuals. Through mission-based content, it creates a sense of purpose that everyone wants to be a part of. Views are balanced and supportive of other opinions. We teach and express XXXXXX.

Social Media Guidelines: Facebook

Tone and style

  • Conversational, friendly, inviting – more casual than our website or printed materials

  • Informational – provides value

  • Inspiring and positive

  • Approachable

  • Responsive

  • Expressive when appropriate (“Cool!” “Great news!”)

  • Uses inclusive language (us, we, you)

Posting tips

  • Ask questions to engage people in conversation

  • Respond to people’s responses

  • Be respectful – don’t incite or engage in aggressive debates

  • Remember XX’s philosophy of XXX – no one diet, way of life, or philosophy is right for everyone

  • Talk like a person, not a machine or a press release

  • Use correct grammar, even if it’s common/spoken language

  • Use slang sparingly

  • Find opportunities to naturally build engagement hooks into posts

  • Focus on one idea at a time

  • Only speak when it improves on silence (i.e. have something meaningful to say)

  • Have fun, and remember enthusiasm and joy must be authentic – don’t go overboard

  • Don’t over use exclamation marks or smiley faces.

  • Don’t exaggerate to get the readers attention

  • Facts alone are boring, tell a story

Status Updates

  • Inspirational quotes/ images

  • Health & wellness news from reputable media sources

  • XX events – webinars

  • Videos via XX YouTube, guest speakers, graduates

  • Shared quotes and articles from guest speakers and other likeminded brands

  • XX community promo: graduate, student and client success

  • XX promotional information should be shared on a 1: 9 ratio

  • Refrain from sales language like, “Enroll Now”, “Call us”, “Sign up here”


Social Media Guidelines: Twitter

Tone and style

  • Conversational and friendly – more casual than our website or printed materials

  • Informational – provide value with links

  • Inspiring, uplifting language

Posting tips

  • Use tweets to drive traffic to blog, landing pages.

  • 140 characters are short – take out unnecessary words.

  • Shorten URLs using Hootsuite or

  • Leave space for RT’s and and @reply’s by using less than 140 characters.

  • Use hashtags (#) to join trending conversations, and to create branded conversations.

  • Do not use more than 2 #’s per tweet.

  • Links back to the blog don’t have to be to new articles – recycle.

  • Don’t forget it’s a two-way conversation – when someone responds, send them an @[their name] response back.

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