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Social Media Best Practices & Crisis Management



Online Community Manifesto

Brief Description

Lines of Communication Social Sites Best Practices









How to develop & engage the community








Social Media Crisis Management

Online Community Manifesto



We're here because we want to share health and happiness – and we know you do too! We also want to make sure that we are fostering a community of integrity – a virtual space in line with our mission. We'll highlight exciting efforts of others, events in the works, and often re-share content our friends have shared with us, because we want to support you in creating health and happiness all around you. In these cases, we will give credit where credit is due by citing its source, and linking to original content whenever possible. Of course, we are committed to always respecting copyright laws as well.



We believe your time is valuable, so we will share information and content that specifically adds value to the community. We will not participate in spam-related activities. In light of the vibrant community we are dedicated to building together, we will also maintain a zero-tolerance policy for language that is intentionally harassing, obscene, threatening, or defamatory, regardless of its intended target---that's just not what we're about.

Open, Honest Dialogue.

We look forward to sharing lots of great information with you! However, we can't share proprietary, and/or confidential information about ourselves or anybody else. We appreciate your understanding.

Code of Conduct.

We will not post information that is insulting, obscene, profane, or otherwise intentionally harmful or incendiary. We remain committed to our Code of Conduct, and ask that you maintain similar standards when sharing with us!


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion to remove posts that violate the law or our internal policies, or are found to be otherwise objectionable. Finally, please recognize that opinions expressed by third parties on Integrative Nutrition profiles/sites are not necessarily the opinions of Integrative Nutrition. The responsibility for third party content is solely that of the third party.

If you have a question we did not answer here please email

Terms of Service (TOS)- Community Rules-Guidelines for sites XX is active

Facebook Page TOS

Facebook User TOS

Twitter TOS

Twitter Rules

YouTube TOS

YouTube Community Guidelines

Yelp Community Guidelines

Tumblr Content Policy

Tumblr TOS

Linked In User Agreement

Brief Description

"As the largest nutrition school in the world, Integrative Nutrition is committed to making a difference by improving the health and happiness of their friends, families and communities worldwide. In addition to providing a world-class health coach training program in our life-changing online course...."


When it is necessary to respond to inquiries about IIN

Lines of Communication

Questions about scholarships    ADMISSIONS@

Questions about emails (specific ones and in general)  MARKETING > SPECIFIC questions go to person who generated the email. GENERAL questions go to xxxx@

Questions about the school in general  ADMISSIONS@

Questions about working for the school  HR -- jobopportunities@

Questions about financial obligations to the school   FINANCE---Jxxxx@

Questions from students/grads about their student sites  please encourage them to send an inquiry

Questions from grads about referrals  REFERRALS — xxxxx@

Questions from grads about current teachers at the school SS, please encourage them to send an inquiry

Questions about the technical aspects of the student dashboard   SS, please encourage them to send an inquiry

Questions specifically about the curriculum SS, please encourage them to send an inquiry

Social Sites Best Practices

Creating New Accounts

The social media team is responsible for creating



xx Fan Page

Facebook is an open forum that is very dynamic in nature; however, XX Fan Page does not allow fans to post on the wall or add content to the page.  Fans can comment on posts. Comments must be moderated by the community manager. Comments that violate our TOS should be deleted. Spam can be deleted if they seem excessive or intrusive.  Otherwise, most comments can remain.

The community manager is encouraged to connect with the community by posting comments, answering questions, and being active and available on the page.

Posts to XXX's page should personal, friendly and conversational and in his voice.

XXX Public Figure page does not allow fans to post on the wall or add content to the page.  The comments should remain hidden requiring a click to expand. Fans can comment on posts.  Comments must be moderated by the community manager. Comments that violate our TOS should be deleted. Spam can be deleted if they seem excessive or intrusive. Otherwise, most comments can remain.

Are you XXX

Mission page primarily used for inspiring student/graduate stories. Updates include inspirational quotes and questions to engage the community. The pages wall is open for posts, pictures, video.



Ambassador Network


Immersion 2012


Created by Students/Grads


Community Pages

Community pages — the pages that link from fields you fill out in your profile — are for general topics. You "like" these pages to connect with them, but they aren't run by a single author, and they don't generate News Feed stories.

There are several community pages that show in the results when you type in Integrative Nutrition in the search bar. The posts that show there are aggregated by anyone on Facebook talking about the school, or integrative nutrition in general.


The community manager is encouraged to connect with the community by posting comments, answering questions, and being active and available on the page.

Use 8:1 ration of content to promotional post.

Promotional posts include:

  • webinars

  • XX events

  • Grad success

  • Grad Q&A blogs

  • XX news

Content regularly shared via Facebook include:

  • Recipes

  • Content webinars, as Events

  • Q&A webinars, as Notes

  • Contests

  • News Articles

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Quotes from XX book

  • Quotes from other nutrition books

  • XX Blog

  • Events other than XX sponsored

  • Grad success news

  • Facebook Questions

Facebook Insights

-Impressions: for recent posts

-Activity:  Page views, Tab views, external referrers

-Likes:  How release of certain content, contests, and ads impact number of "Likes"

-Demographics of users: * *Gender and Age, Country and City, Language


Twitter is a conversation that happens in 140 characters or less.  Self promotion is discouraged, but announcements and pertinent information about IIN community are not.  Use the reply or mention functions to engage with the community.  Answer questions, stay engaged. If there are questionable or inflammatory Tweets, best practice is "do not respond".  Blocking users or reporting to Twitter are options.

-Often more about "listening" (seeing what people are saying) than updating

-Using a Twitter app that has columns (HootSuite or Tweetdeck) to maintain/compile lists

-Column examples: Direct Messaging (DM), Mentions, Replies, Followers, "Friends", Keywords for IIN (top 5 searched words that are bringing people to the site)

*Scan top 25 Google Ad words

  • Ideas for "listening": link to a resource, answer people's questions, "check out ________"

  • Be conversational

  • Use Hashtags (#) to trend a topic or to enter an already trending topic

  • Utilize the latest trending tops in our messaging. Example – if Charlie sheen's #Winning tag was doing well again, we would personalize an IIN tweet with the #winning tag as well.

  • Mention (@) Retweet (RT) Reply to (@) our followers, visiting teachers, products, publications we we like, listen to and quote from and share info through.

  • Scheduling Tweets (Hootsuite)---good for: weekends, International audience, broadcasting, the occasional update if busy to keep daily presence (important) and conversation going

  • TRACKING Twitter (& monitoring what's happening to links):

  • Use links b/c easiest to track what's going on with them

  • Copy & paste link, put link in to search and add a "+" to end, the analytics come up

  • GOAL Engagement with the links! *

    *Earlier in the week is better; 4pm is max sharing time, also mid-morning, just after lunch & evening (some of demographic for IIN might be slightly different timing---moms?)

Throughout the day updating. Frequently respond to any @ replies immediately. Promotional posts should be after lunch – towards mid-day. Most vital promo posts shared on Friday. More activity on Friday


Optimize the raw file before upload with the same catchy yet keyword rich title you plan on giving it for life. Sometimes the raw file name will take a while to flip to your title and may trigger related videos from keywords in the file name.

Tag videos according to top keywords

Branded names are most important



MOST IMPORTANT -for tag limits


  • Also, if video is about a particular speaker, teacher – include their name as a keyword, as well as their most popular press (book names, tv show names, school names)


  • only first 65 characters matter most (because they show up in search results)

  • Include core keywords in title

  • Keep phrases together

  • Use keyword more than once to provide lift but don't be awkward

  • Title must entice users

  • Repeat the title in the description

  • End with XXXXX if it fits. Try to have the non-branded keywords towards the front of the title.


  • First 80 characters appear without expanding so they matter most

  • Notoriously un-utilized but great for optimization

  • Feature a link to drive traffic to website in first 80 characters of description

  • Use text with special characters

  • Place links to more of your videos in description

  • Include keywords in description

  • Base keywords off of the actual words spoken in the video


  • 120 characters max

  • Use keywords

  • Use quotes for phrasing

  • Don't use irrelevant tags

  • Captions/Transcripts

  • Are indexed

  • Write script to include keywords

  • Don't lie about it Comments

  • Comment on your own videos, it helps a lot! Respond to others as well!

  • Keep conversations going

  • 88+% likes is good

  • Prune negative comments


*-*suggest the next video by including a link to another one of your videos at end of each video

YouTubers watch batches of video, so relate your videos through meta data (make them have the same keywords)


Post XX blog 2-4 times per week.  Posts should be around 200-300 words.

  • BIG THREE TO INCLUDE: Self-interest, curiosity, news

  • Numbers good to include if you can (7, 17, 27? Sevens are good)

  • End post with a question(s) to spark conversation

  • Split-test headlines on Twitter and change it to the one that gets the most reaction (but only if have enough time, not too high of a priority).

  • Q to ask: How can I create something people can't resist reading? (Headlines get passed along and shared and often content is secondary)

  • The promise of a revelatory post or set of information entices readers

  • Spend time on the headline---most IMPORTANT part of a post. Keep it short – below 70 characters

  • Keywords in first part of the headline (better SEO value)

  • Bullet Points and Lists are very useful – and make the post easier to read

  • GOAL: Someone who is remotely interested in this topic can't help but click

  • Read TIM FERRIS headline tips/formulas Blogging by numbers how to create headlines that get Retweeted

  • Images:

  • Important on the blog, especially for breaking up posts and for sharing.

  • Stumble upon is really into images

  • For every numbered items in posts, add an image to go with it (if you can)

  • Ups the SEO value



1. Read

2. Bookmark

3. Share


  • Take a step back and think about what other people who like our blog would also like

  • Example: 100 Recipes for a Healthy Summer

  • Google keyword tool: See what variations get traffic/searched for

  • Branded Name (xxx)

  • Celebrity Names (David Wolfe, Andrea Beaman, Andrew Weil, etc...)

  • Raw Food

  • Health Coach – Health Coach Certification

  • Nutritionist – Become a Nutritionist

  • Use to see which topics are becoming more popular

  • Use to find the best keywords for a particular topic. Plug in the main topic/keyword, it will give example words that are being searched heavily


  • Who is our potential client? (Broad scope---keywords in our Google analytics, create an avatar for the "perfect xxx student")

  • Do research (specific, insider info)

  • Create a huge resource that potential client is inclined to save and go back to reference, can't be consumed all at once, massive collection of really useful info/material (RESOURCE VALUE important)

How to develop & engage the community

See: Finding and Engaging Your Target Audience with Social Media

> MacShare/Marketing-Branding/Social Media/Social Media Success Summit 2011/Finding and Engaging Your Target Audience with Social Media


News Feed Optimization*--*EdgeRank score depends on Affinity Score, Weight & Time Decay (Recency)

Trigger action or reaction More serious fans, students, alumni

Aware of our brand

Do not open the wall on main page, and engage lightly in commenting back

No active inviting

Casual Conversation



Quotes do well

Women looking to comment, to reply, to respond to Qs


  • Always on, always live – much more urgency

  • Communication much more conversational

  • Engage all users that speak about the brand

  • Don't fear @ replying

  • Follow any potential customers

  • Be careful not to be "Following" more than your "Followers"

  • Active, latest information – breaking news/current live events/hot topic

  • #FollowFriday #FF

  • Follow #Hashtags

  • @ reply the majority of users that speak to you


  • Younger user base

  • 2nd largest search engine in the world.

  • Moderate the comments

  • Use the Bulletin tool to engage users publically

  • Comment on your own videos, it helps a lot! Respond to others as well!

  • Keep conversations going

  • 88+% likes is good

  • Prune negative comments


  • Moderate comments

  • Ask for comments /thoughts at end of posts

  • post to other social networks


  • Keep it brief

  • Photos, quotes, and lists are optimal content

  • Tends to feature more personal content over brand or marketing content


  • Check-in as often as possible –

  • Be sure to sync with twitter and/or Facebook – reference these branded channels as well when checking in

  • Manage reviews similarly to Yelp


  • Much more professional.

  • Marketing and Sales language and less casual language performs well here

  • Moderate group requests to join

Social Media Crisis Management

*This is high priority and time sensitive.

Dealing with Persistent Negative Commenters on Facebook Pages

XXX will deal with negative comments on a case by case basis. The comment will be assessed on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being slightly negative and 5 being very negative.

1-3 will be dealt with by community manager by commenting on the page and private messaging. Once the negative commenter has been contacted, either through private message or by commenting on the page with the email the negative comment should be deleted.


4-5 should be deleted immediately and steps taken to private message the negative commenter. If necessary the negative commenter should be BLOCKED from the page, TEXT KAREN & XXXX ASAP 

Use email for invitation to clarify or for more dialogue to resolve any issues.

  • Responses on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Facebook can be the same

  • Responses on Foursquare, Gowalla, Google Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local can be treated the same as previous Yelp responses.

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