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Kubota Garden.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Yesterday we visited Kubota Garden and it was sublime, to say the least. The fall foliage was popping and the conifers did not disappoint.

So this is a poetic landscape for refuge and meditation, a work of art we could walk within that awakened in us a feeling of serenity, humility, and gratitude. A place that beckoned us to forget all our quotidian cares as city dwellers, to slow down the hectic pace of modern life and listen quietly and viscerally with our spirit and flesh… Words are merely “a finger pointing at the moon,” and cannot be a substitute for experiencing firsthand all that the Garden offers. Go there.

Charles Johnson...

National Book Award winner

"Kubota Garden is the outcome of years of labor by multiple generations of Fujitaro Kubota's family, at times under the oppression of racism. It's also a story of how the Rainier Beach community saved the Garden from becoming another victim of gentrification, and how the biological and horticultural descendants of Fujitaro Kubota have kept his vision alive. The resources below provide the details of this rich history as well as insight into how the Garden has developed."

The feeling you get when you go in the natural woods in the mountains - serenity, quiet, that’s the kind of feeling we try to give.

---Tom Kubota--- 

“Family Garden May Become a Park”, Joni Balter, Seattle Times Sept 3 1987, B1

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