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Joy Stories.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

whirling counter clockwise

The series of events called Life. What to make of it?


Meaningless or meaningful - or --have as much fun as you can until you die...? What about being a good person? Living with integrity and purpose? Giving voice to the voiceless? Food to the hungry? Shelter to the homeless? What can I do? How can I use my skills and talents to benefit others? What gives life meaning?

Joy isn't something that is just automatically part of everyday life.

Joy is an experience of appreciation, gratitude, love, compassion, awe, and wonder.

When my mind gravitates towards those things that cause joy, creating a life full of joy stories isn't that difficult. Sometimes a joy story doesn't start out in a happy place. The joy is in the transformation. The understanding that's it's possible to live life with purpose and awe, to experience joy, and give it to others. That's the real joy, I think. When you're able to infect others with joy. People, animals, even bugs. Joy is infectious. Save a bugs life and bet me it isn't happy.

Life is full of ups, and a lot of downs. Don't give up on the fact that the downs can truly be joyful too. Basically, this series of events will all culminate into one life-defining moment that every living being has to face, without exception. So, the existential question remains, this life, what to make of it when it's all going to end in death? Make JOY. That's my answer.

Joy Stories are true accounts of insight and transformation, or moments of appreciating the awe and wonder of the natural world, and synchronistic relationships.

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