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Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park.

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

A rainforest with an interesting history.

Cold War Nike missile site
Now an open field near the Sky Country Trailhead, this was an anti-aircraft Nike missile installation during the Cold War used to protect the region from nuclear attack by Soviet long-range strategic bombers. All that is left from that era are a few concrete pads, landscaping features, a deteriorating chain-link fence, and an interpretive sign.

This is where the guard sat lookout at the former Nike missile base. The inside was tagged with graffiti.

We found evidence of the former base all around the park. These bricks were close to the guard house.

This is the guard dog house. It was further down the trail and we just happened on it and weren't really sure what it was until further investigation.

The power poles were clustered together in one area of the park. The history of Cougar Mountain Park, there for the curious adventurer to discover.


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