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Cliff Climbing and Rock Collecting.

Discovery Park, Day 2

Discovery Park was such a treat on Thanksgiving Day that we decided to go back and satisfy our curiosity. Another day spent hoping for a Orca family sighting. The local resident whales were sighted in the Puget Sound over the past few days, according to the Orca Network, and a possible glimpse of the magnificent creatures was incentive for a cliff climbing and rock collecting excursion.

Climbing down the cliffs of Discovery Park was a little treacherous. Mainly sand and leaves, the climb included maneuvering around some fallen trees and exposed root systems.

After doing a little research, we discovered a few types of rocks and geodes that are common in the PNW. I've always loved collecting beautiful and unusual rocks. Every visit to Manjushri Centre, in the Lake District of the UK, includes a walk to the beach where I pick up a pebble for my shrine. Friends have gifted me a pebble from Morecambe Bay on years I was unable to attend the Buddhist festivals held. I have been picking up rocks to remind me of my sentimental journeys all of my adult life.

This beach was secluded and private, but for a few other rebels who decided to take a detour off the main trails and paths, and our wildlife friends.

Picking up rocks on the beach turned out to be a peaceful and meditative experience. We enjoyed the company of a Bald Eagle, Sea Otters, Seals, Kingfishers and Seagulls.

As we were leaving, we saw a huge cargo ship in the distance against a backdrop of Mt. Rainier.

Watching a beautiful sunset on a day filled with joy, is my reminder to be thankful for this life.

As we drove down the summit, we noticed how we descended into the clouds. Everything was bright and glowing with pink and orange sunset, then magically the fog engulfed us and the cityscape.

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