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Online Community Manifesto


We're here because we want to share health and happiness - and we know you do too! We also want to make sure that we are fostering a community of integrity - a virtual space in line with our mission. We'll highlight exciting efforts of others, events in the works, and often re-share content our friends have shared with us, because we want to support you in creating health and happiness all around you. In these cases, we will give credit where credit is due by citing its source, and linking to original content whenever possible. Of course, we are committed to always respecting copyright laws as well.



We believe your time is valuable, so we will share information and content that specifically adds value to the community. We will not participate in spam-related activities. In light of the vibrant community we are dedicated to building together, we will also maintain a zero-tolerance policy for language that is intentionally harassing, obscene, threatening, or defamatory, regardless of its intended target - that's just not what we're about.


Open, Honest Dialogue.

We look forward to sharing lots of great information with you! However, we can't share proprietary and/or confidential information about ourselves or anybody else. We appreciate your understanding.


Code of Conduct.

We will not post information that is insulting, obscene, profane, or otherwise intentionally harmful or incendiary. We remain committed to our Code of Conduct, and ask that you maintain similar standards when sharing with us.


Non-Solicitation Policy.

We receive many requests from individuals who have valuable services they would like to offer our community. While we appreciate these offers, we believe we need to protect our community's privacy and ensure they are not the recipients of unwanted messages. We take the privacy of our community seriously, and as per Facebook's guidelines, solicitation is not permitted. Anyone who acts as a representative of any organization, educational or otherwise, is prohibited from directly or indirectly soliciting the community members as potential purchasers of any product or service. We appreciate your understanding.


If you receive unwanted solicitation please forward to

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