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Digital Addiction and the Relationship Problem.

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After I published Dear Friends., I received a request to guest post on

My article details my struggles with digital addiction over the past few years. Articles, books, documentary films, and conversations inspire me to try a different approach to all things screen related. You can read the full article at Digital addiction and a plan for recovery.

I'll continue the conversation around how we can transform our digital life into something meaningful. Rather than time wasted, social media becomes time rewarded.

Relationship questions

Relationships: How do I relate to them on social media?

Do I use social media to communicate solely with anyone? Am I using social media to cultivate and nurture relationships? I think about Dunbar's number and the idea that we can only be capable of a certain number of close relationships. Are my close relationships suffering from my overuse problem?

My current Facebook life is slightly voyeuristic. I don't COOPP (comment on other people's posts). Rather than get involved in an online conversation, I'd rather pick up the phone to call a friend. I try to call a couple friends who live across the country everyday. I will continue to have video chats with Dad, family, and friends. I will examine my "friends list" and consider my personal Dunbar's number. Which relationships am I going to focus on and nurture? I'll start with the most important, my spiritual guide, my partner, my close friends, my Sangha.

I've meditated: you can love all living beings without exception, but you don't have to have lunch with them. That eases the overwhelming feeling of wanting to be everything to everyone.

Wishing everyone everywhere health, peace, love and JOY this holiday season and beyond.


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